Part of healing the entire body is monitoring what kind of nutrition you’re allowing into your body. The body uses food as fuel, and what fuel we choose has a significant effect on how our body functions. That is why nutritional counseling, including supplementation, is one of the most important services we can provide for people. By providing education about what types of foods and nutritional supplements allow our bodies to function optimally, we empower patients to make their own positive choices that benefit their health.

Nutritional supplements on the open market vary greatly in their quality and composition and are often poor quality, full of starch and sugar fillers, may have binders that do not allow breakdown in the gut, may be low quality or un-absorbable forms the ingredients you are targeting, and they may not have the correct amounts or each ingredient or correct combinations of the ingredients for proper absorption and effectiveness. Food grade vitamins, which are most of the supplements on the open market, and pharmaceutical grade vitamins are not the same. Therefore, for your convenience and health benefit, we carry a line of high quality pharmaceutical grade supplements in both of our offices so that you can be sure to get the value and the intended benefits from the supplements you chose to take.

While nutrition is not an overly complicated concept, it can be difficult to completely understand what a so called “healthy” diet and supplement program truly entails. That is why nutritional counseling can help people understand how what you eat affects the way you feel.

If you have any nutrition related questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us today at (507) 235-5505 (Fairmont) or (507) 847-2112 (Jackson). We’d be happy to speak with you and address any thoughts you may have.